Tecleor Project in Secret Firmy Magazine

Secret Firmy published the article «Physics vs. chemistry: Why the Tecleor irradiates food». Artur Nikolayevich Pakhomov, Ph.D., one of the key investors of Tecleor project, the chairman of the Scientific Board of Laboratory of Institutional Engineering (IPE Lab). «Our activities are based on the institutional engineering methodology, and Tecleor perfectly fits in with this concept. Tecleor is the real-life expression of impact investment concept, carrying significant social component», explained the investor.

Based on Tecleor case and institutional engineering principals, IPE Lab has created the platform for project acceleration. In the article, the difficulties of bringing new technology to the manufacturing level have risen. As for Tecleor, the project team overcame these challenges and today plans to open a new Tecleor plant in Kamchatka region.