Members of the Scientific Board of the Laboratory joined the expert working group of Skolkovo Foundation

Artur Nikolaevich Pakhomov and Ruben Grigoryevich Pombuhchan entered the expert working group of the Competence Center for Regulatory Regulation of the Digital Economy of Skolkovo Foundation.

The main goal of the Center for 2017 is to prepare the Concept of priority measures to improve legal regulation with a purpose of the digital economy development.

IPE Laboratory considers shaping digital environment, which provides a lot of opportunities for development of both particular projects and social systems as one of its main tasks. Lack of mechanisms of legal regulation is an essential barrier for solving this problem. We hope that participation of Artur Nikolaevich and Ruben Grigoryevich in the work of the Center will contribute to the efficient shaping of the required regulatory framework.