IPI Lab Apla project enters the UAE blockchain market
The UAE Blockchain Strategy was outlined with the aim for 50 percent of government transactions on the federal level to be conducted using blockchain technology by 2021 and Apla has solutions suited to this.
MentorHack Hackathon second day: almost half of the teams dropped out
Intermediate results of the three-day MentorHack hackathon are significant. On the second day teams presented improved methodologies and the first results of technological implementation of the projects. 20 teams out of 50 left the game.
The MentorHack Hackathon started: 200 participants, 50 teams
The MentorHack Hackathon started within the "Mentor" Forum. The tasks are set and prizes announced. Nominations are set by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, as well as by the forum partners: the BusinessChain project and the SuperJob company.
BusinessChain is a partner of Hackathon MentorHack during the Mentor Forum
BusinessChain will partner with the All-Russia Forum "Mentor-2018", which is aimed to develop a professional mentoring environment for start-ups and will be held on February 13-15.
3 more specialists joined IPE Lab Academic Board
The expert council of IPE Laboratory includes now three new specialists: Dmitry Gennadievich Kosten, Dmitry Dmitrievich Sergeev and Dmitry Nikolaevich Shcheglov.
BusinessChain Platform Launched
IPE Laboratory has completed the first stage of creating BusinessChain platform for the investment projects integration and acceleration of business ideas on the 15 of January 2018. An open testing of the platform started.
Tecleor Project in Secret Firmy Magazine
Secret Firmy published the article «Physics vs. chemistry: Why the Tecleor irradiates food». Artur Nikolayevich Pakhomov, Ph.D., one of the key investors of Tecleor project, the chairman of the Scientific Board of Laboratory of Institutional Engineering (IPE Lab).
Rashid Ibrahimovic Gainutdinov joined the IPE Lab Advisory Board
The IPE Laboratory's Expert Board welcomes a new member – Rashid Ibragimovich Gainutdinov. A member of the Board of Directors of the Northwest Center for Technology Transfer at the Russian State Corporation of Nanotechnologies, and a professor at Russian Christian Academy for Humanities (St. Petersburg).
Ruben Pombuhchan, IPI-Lab at the IBF forum: Blockchain Destined for Wide Use
According to experts, prospects of blockchain technologies do not raise doubts. It means the introduction of state regulation for ICOs, cryptocurrencies, and distributed computation. Business must participate in developing relevant regulations as actively as possible to prevent superfluous rigidity of the legislation.
The absence of Regulation Boosts ICO but Restrains Blockchain Projects
The main barriers on popularizing blockchain technologies include non-regulation and scaling. The second problem is solved by the market members within separate technological projects. However, the grey zone may be toughly regulated by the state. It is caused by the inactivity of the Russian entrepreneurship in terms of legislative initiatives.
Opening of Tecleor – the first center for biosafety in Russia
The Center for development and implementation of technology for food processing with accelerated electrons by Tecleor was officially opened on September 15. The opening ceremony was attended by Governor of the Kaluga region.
Laboratory begins cooperation with Tomsk State University within the program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation"